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PSA: Tiger Sugar's Brown Sugar Latté Is On A Buy One, Take One Promo

Treat yourself!
It's only been the first week of January but if you're feeling overwhelmed, a weekend treat is well-deserved! If your idea of #TreatYourself therapy includes coffee and milk tea, Tiger Sugar is offering a buy one, take one promo for one of ...

Tiger Sugar Makes Black-Sugar Popcorn and Here's Where to Get It

This is not your ordinary caramel popcorn.
Chances are, you've tried black sugar in boba milk or milk tea—this unrefined sugar has a complex depth of flavor that goes beautifully with the creaminess of milk. But that's not the only way you can enjoy the said ingredient: you can ...

This Is Not A Drill: You Can Enjoy Tiger Sugar Drinks With Coffee Jelly Sinkers!

It’s available starting May 1.
Coffee and bubble tea fans, you’re in for a new treat at Tiger Sugar very, very soon! You can enjoy Tiger Sugar’s drinks with their signature brown sugar syrup, but instead of chewy tapioca pearls, you can now switch it up with ...

6 Milk Tea Shops Still Open For Delivery in Metro Manila

If you just can't give up your milk tea cravings.
Need something to cool you down amid the sweltering summer heat? While we continue to practice social distancing holed up in our homes, a few milk tea stores in Manila remain open for pickup and delivery, ensuring citizens in the metro a ...

Tiger Sugar's Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream Is Now Available At This Supermarket

Add this to your grocery cart!
It was just last February 2020 that Tiger Sugar released the Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream in stores. If you’re no stranger to Tiger Sugar’s brown sugar beverages, the ice cream version has all the brown sugar drink components but in an ice cream ...

Tiger Sugar's Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream Is Now Available In The Philippines

We'll take two Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream, please!
Just when we thought we’ve already curbed our milk tea obsession, here comes a new way of consuming everyone’s favorite boba drink! Famous for their Brown Sugar milk tea, Tiger Sugar just released their sumptuous drink in a sinfully sweet ice cream version! And the ...

Milk Tea Fans, Here's How To Get First Dibs On Tiger Sugar's New Milo Drink!

It will officially be released by next year.
When Tiger Sugar first opened a little over a year ago, we could never have imagined the kind of lines they'd generate; they seemed to never end and it was hard to tell if they'd ever die down. (Note: It went on ...

Yes, Tiger Sugar Is Now Available On Grab Food!

We might never leave the house.
You never know when the milk-tea cravings can hit—sometimes it happens when you're already all cozy at home and just don't feel like going out. For those moments, you can be thankful that a lot of your favorite milk tea chains now ...

OMG, Tiger Sugar Is Adding Chocolate and Coffee Drinks To Their Menu!

In case you want to switch it up from the usual brown-sugar drinks!
Though not the first to offer it, you could arguably credit Tiger Sugar for starting the brown-sugar milk craze in Manila. The milk-tea chain from Taiwan is best known for their Brown Sugar Boba series, with brown-sugar syrup running down their cups ...

You Can Now Have Tiger Sugar Milk Tea Delivered!

Skip the long line!
With Manila's current summer heatwave situation, it would be best to just stay at home and sip on your favorite cold refreshments 24/7. Luckily for Bonifacio Global City and Makati residents, LalaFood now delivers Tiger Sugar Milk Tea! LalaFood is delivering their famous line of brown ...

Try These Signature Milk Tea Beverages From Popular Milk Tea Stores

For the fickle-minded.
Whoever says that milk tea is boring must not have had good milk tea in their life. With the Metro’s abundance of great milk-tea shops, choosing one could get pretty overwhelming—truth is, a lot of them are worth trying. And once you've chosen ...

Get Ready, Milk-Tea Fans: Tiger Sugar Is Opening in BGC

The IG-famous milk tea is now in Manila!
Milk tea is nothing new in Manila, but 2018 was its year. Many spent hours lining up at their favorite milk-tea place, and debates sprung over which one is the best. The trend doesn't seem to be dying down any time soon ...
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