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You Have To Try This Tikoy + Ginataan At This Chinese Restaurant

It's available for a limited time!
Most of the time, we enjoy tikoy when it’s coated in beaten egg, then pan fried until golden brown; sometimes, tikoy is cooked lumpia-style, too. Luk Yuen, on the other hand, has an interesting, unique, but delicious way of serving tikoy by ...

Celebrate Year Of The Rat With This Limited-Edition Cheese Tikoy

Huge fans of tikoy should try this.
If you celebrate Chinese New Year traditions, we're pretty sure there’s always going to be tikoy. If you’re a huge tikoy fan who loves trying out different flavors, Eng Bee Tin is offering a limited-edition cheese tikoy! Why cheese? If you didn’t know, 2020 is ...

You Can Now Have Eng Bee Tin Favorites Delivered To Your Doorstep

Just in time for Chinese New Year.
In case you didn’t know, Chinese New Year is on January 25, 2019. If you’re celebrating Chinese New Year, be prepared to serve different Chinese delicacies that bring in luck for the year to come. Thankfully, you don’t have to go all the way to ...

Here's Where You Can Get Brown Sugar And Pandan-Flavored Tikoy

Tikoy or nian gao is a symbol of prosperity and good luck.
If you’re like most people who like the idea of new beginnings and new chances for a do-over (and extra time to review those resolutions and goals), then how celebrating the Chinese New Year with some tikoy (nian gao)? Tikoy is a ...

Satisfy Your Hopia And Tikoy Cravings At This Eng Bee Tin Mall!

A supermarket, café, souvenir shop, and a soon-to-open museum are all packed inside the Eng Bee Tin Mall.
Found behind the famous Binondo Church and beside a busy hotel is the Eng Bee Tin mall, home of one of the most recognizable hopia in the Philippines. Their flagship store is a towering building that sticks out in the busy streets ...

Have You Tried Chocolate in Tikoy? It's Delicious!

Add a decadent layer of flavor to your Chinese rice cake!
Turn this Chinese new year staple into an easy-to-make, indulgent treat. The combination of tikoy and melted chocolate will satisfy your chocolate cravings.Makes 4Prep time 20 minutesCooking time 20 minutes 8 pieces lumpia wrapper8 slices tikoy (3-inch)8 strips dark chocolate (3-inch)1 Lay a ...

Chocolate Tikoy Rolls Recipe

Got leftover tikoy? Turn them into this quick, indulgent treat.
Got leftover tikoy? Turn them into this quick, indulgent treat. A combination of tikoy and melted chocolate that will satisfy any sweet tooth and will end your meal on a high note. ...

Tikoy-Langka Turon Recipe

Filipino meets Chinese in this new take on the popular afternoon snack.
Filipino meets Chinese iflavors in this Filipino snack: stuff your turon with tikoy, a chinese rice cake! ...
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