Chocolate Tikoy Rolls Recipe

Got leftover tikoy? Turn them into this quick, indulgent treat.
Got leftover tikoy? Turn them into this quick, indulgent treat. A combination of tikoy and melted chocolate that will satisfy any sweet tooth and will end your meal on a high note. ...

Have You Tried Chocolate in Tikoy? It's Delicious!

Add a decadent layer of flavor to your Chinese rice cake!
Turn this Chinese new year staple into an easy-to-make, indulgent treat. The combination of tikoy and melted chocolate will satisfy your chocolate cravings.Makes 4Prep time 20 minutesCooking time 20 minutes 8 pieces lumpia wrapper8 slices tikoy (3-inch)8 strips dark chocolate (3-inch)1 Lay a ...

Tikoy-Langka Turon Recipe

Filipino meets Chinese in this new take on the popular afternoon snack.
Filipino meets Chinese iflavors in this Filipino snack: stuff your turon with tikoy, a chinese rice cake! ...

Satisfy Your Hopia And Tikoy Cravings At This Eng Bee Tin Mall!

A supermarket, café, souvenir shop, and a soon-to-open museum are all packed inside the Eng Bee Tin Mall.
Found behind the famous Binondo Church and beside a busy hotel is the Eng Bee Tin mall, home of one of the most recognizable hopia in the Philippines. Their flagship store is a towering building that sticks out in the busy streets ...
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