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Here's How To Make These Choco Butternut-Inspired Crinkles

Meet your next baking project!
Dunkin' Donuts' famous Choco Butternut doughnuts and munchkins are a Pinoy merienda favorite. We recently showed you this low-carb version of the classic treat as well as this affordable recipe you can make at home. If you still can't get enough of Choco Butternut ...

Here's An Easy Recipe For Kariman If You Miss Your Favorite Ministop Snack

Craving satisfied.
One of our favorite memories before the pandemic struck includes the times we would buy our merienda at Ministop. One snack you can't go wrong with is the kariman. It's affordable, nakakabusog, and comes in different sweet and savory flavors, too!If every now and then, ...

"Pancake Cereal" Exists And It's Surprisingly Super Easy To Make

Mini pancakes, anyone?
If you’re wondering why pancake boxes are harder to find during your grocery runs, it’s probably because people are stocking up their pantry with this useful and versatile grocery item. Besides the obvious pancakes, you can make waffles, mini doughnuts (a la Lil’ Orbits), ...

You Can Make a Nutella Cake With Just Two Ingredients

Here's how!
It seems everyone’s on the cooking train now—what better way to spend all your free time at home, really? If you’re looking for your next project but can’t be bothered to spend an hour or more slaving away over a complicated recipe, ...

This Easy Taho Recipe Uses Soy Milk And Gulaman

Add these ingredients on your next grocery run.
Over the years, we've been introduced to all sorts of food trends. There are our all-time favorite brown sugar milk tea and the recent trend that took over the world, the Dalgona coffee.While we definitely live for these trendy drinks, nothing beats our childhood fave: ...

Here's How You Can Make Starbucks-Style Coffee Jelly Frappuccino At Home

Ice blended coffee + coffee jelly + whipped cream!
Coffee drinks do not have to be difficult to make. You can be basic with your morning brew but sometimes, it's nice to change things up and grab a drink that's more than just a drink to wake you up. Enter the coffee ...

We Have Tips To Make Your Shakey's-Style Mojos A Success

These tips will make your mojos irresistibly good.
What is your favorite menu item to order at Shakey's? Is mojos one of them? We bet it is, and we totally agree with you. Those potato rounds, cooked to perfection so that it's crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside, have ...

Yes, You Can Make Chocolate Chip Cookies Using Pancake Mix!

You only need 6 ingredients.
A boxed pancakes mixe can be a handy grocery find. Did you know you can make not just pancakes but waffles with it, too? You can even hack the mix to make mini doughnuts, too! You can also use it as a replacement for flour when ...
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