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Add This To Your 6.6 Shopee Cart: This Cute Mint Green Toaster Is Only P720

Add this to your Shopee cart!
It's that time again of the month, the time for big sales! This mid-year sale on June 6 (6.6) you'll see a lot of good deals on different items, including kitchen appliances. If you're looking for a cute, useful, and affordable addition ...

Add To Cart: This Hello Kitty Toaster Is Just Too Cute

Hello Kitty fans, this kitchen appliance is for you!
Just when you thought you'd have enough of Hello Kitty appliances such as the electric kettles, rice cookers, and even cooking tools, there's more! For Hello Kitty fans whose breakfast routine or merienda always include toasted bread with your favorite palaman, Tough Mama ...

This Appliance Is A Toaster, Frying Pan, Boiler, And Steamer In One

It's less than P5,000!
Many of us dream of kitchens filled with every appliance and cooking tool imaginable, but sometimes budget and space constraints can get in the way. While we're all fantasizing about the huge kitchen collections we hope to have someday, for now, we ...

This Smiley Face-Stamping Toaster Will Turn You Into A Morning Person

You can get it for less than P1,300!
Mornings (especially on Mondays) can be tough: Unwillingly pulled away from the comfort of our beds just to gear up for a hectic day at work. It's hard to beat the cranky attitude that comes with a new morning. Normally, the easiest ...

Here Are The Tips To Using An Oven Toaster vs. Traditional Oven

Using an oven toaster is different from using a traditional oven.
There is a difference when using an oven toaster and a traditional oven. The oven toaster was originally just a small oven with fewer simpler functions. The oven toaster was meant to be the uncomplicated way of getting toast made every morning. A regular toaster or ...

These Chic Toasters Will Add Vintage Flair to Your Kitchen

They're available in six cute colors!
Looking to spruce up your kitchen? Making your space look more appealing doesn't always need to involve a huge renovation or overhaul. After all, the best parts of any room are usually the little details. If you're thinking about making small changes to ...

5 Other Great Things You Can Do With Your Toaster Oven

It's not just for toasting bread.
Ah, the humble toaster oven. It’s probably one of the most ubiquitous—and affordable—appliances sitting on your kitchen counter. But are you still just using it to toast your pan de sal (or at best, homemade pizza)? There are other ways to maximize this popular ...

There's a Toaster Oven for Every Kind of Budget

There are toasters under P1,000!
Oven toasters are as common in the Pinoy kitchen as stoves. That’s because it’s usually our first introduction to an oven. It easily heats up your morning pandesal, monay, and crisps up leftover pizza better than a microwave. And because it is ...

Toaster Oven Chocolate Cookies Recipe

These peanut butter cup-stuffed chocolate cookies are toaster oven-friendly!
Prep these cookies ahead and place them in the freezer. When a sugar craving hits you, pop one or two in the toaster oven and bake to enjoy!  ...

Cheesy Shrimp Quesadilla

Instead of shrimp, try grilled or roasted chicken, seasoned ground beef, or even canned tuna.
Quesadillas are so versatile—you can make them with a myriad of fillings. Instead of shrimp, try grilled or roasted chicken, seasoned ground beef, or even canned tuna. ...

Chicken and Vegetable Satay

Basting while cooking adds a sweet and tangy flavor, and keeps them moist and tender.
Remember to baste the satay sticks with the sauce every so often while cooking. This adds a sweet, tangy flavor to the skewers and keeps them moist and tender. ...

Sugar-Free Pear and Apple Tarts Recipe

Take the guilt out of dessert with this quick fruit, pudding, and cookie crumble—with no sugar added!
Take the guilt out of dessert with this quick assembly of tangy fruit, luscious pudding, and cookie crumble—with not one bit of sugar added! We give you two options: serve it hot or serve it cold. ...
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