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Tokwang Adobo Sa Gata Recipe

This meatless adobo has all the flavors plus the creaminess of gata.
Mix it up and make your adobo meatless with this easy swap to tofu.The process is almost the same when it comes to making the swap from meat like pork or chicken to tofu. The big difference is that instead of simmering the meat until tender, you ...

WATCH: How To Cook Tofu And Mushroom Adobo

Tofu and mushrooms makes this adobo both meaty and satisfying.
Meatless meals doesn't mean it's not going to be delicious! This adobo dish uses tofu and meaty-tasting mushrooms to satisfy those who miss the meat. The adobo sauce is spot-on and the tofu and mushrooms soak up the flavors that may rival ...
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