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You Have To Try This Hidden Restaurant's Delicious Tofu Sisig!

This hidden restaurant in Poblacion knows how to do tofu dishes right.
Along the street of Kalayaan Avenue, there’s a hidden gem of a restaurant (with no signage!) sitting right above a Ministop branch. You have to look for a black and white painting of an eye to know you're in the right place. Once ...

WATCH: How To Make Tofu Sisig

Sisig lovers, don't fret. You can still eat your favorite pulutan with this healthy twist.
This is how you can make your favorite sisig a little healthier: use tofu! Yes, it's delicious like you would expect sisig to be. Instead of meat, there is more flavor from the sauce, especially in the tiny squares of tofu itself. The tangy, salty, and spicy ...

These Are Our Best Tofu Recipes + Tips To Save On Meals!

There so many ways to use tofu that you need to know about!
Tofu is an incredibly easy ingredient to work with. From Chinese to Filipino classics, to recipes using it as a meat substitute or a healthy snack, it’s easy-to-prepare! The best part when you use tofu? Apart from being a healthy protein source of ...

Love Tofu and Sisig? This Recipe is for You!

Put a vegetarian spin on a Filipino favorite!
It's easy to go meatless with this easy-to-follow tofu sisig recipe. Remember to use muscovado sugar: it gives depth to the subtle sweet flavors of this Filipino dish. 2 blocks, around 300 grams each firm tofu or tokwa, rinsed and patted dry2 red ...

Easy Tofu Sisig Recipe

This easy tofu sisig recipe is a vegetarian twist on the porky Filipino favorite!
Going meatless? Go with this easy tofu sisig recipe. It's a healthy alternative to the traditional pork sisig and is still packed with a load of flavor. With basic ingredients such as soy sauce, vinegar, onions, and garlic, this dish is sure ...

Sizzling Tokwa't Baboy Sisig Recipe

It's all about the sizzle! Look for a good sizzling plate so you can easily turn a rather humble dish into something more special.
It’s all about the sizzle with this tokwa't baboy sisig! When cooking a sisig recipe, look for a good sizzling plate so you can easily turn a rather humble dish into something more special. ...

Tofu Sisig Recipe

Here's a healthier and wholesome take on the Kapampangan classic.
Here's a healthier and wholesome take on the Kapampangan classic. ...
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