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Easy And Tasty Tofu Recipes To Make For Dinner

These tofu recipes are packed with flavor!
Tofu, or tokwa, may be an underrated ingredient in households who love their meat. If you haven't given tofu a chance, you should. You can serve it in any number of ways, especially since tofu is a great meat substitute! You don't have to use ...

This Tokwa Meal Plan Will Keep You Full And Satisfied

Make your meal plan tastier, healthier, and budget-friendly, too.
Tofu can be the heftiest meat substitute you can use as an ingredient. Tofu isn't as expensive as meat so it makes it super attractive to those looking for budget-friendly meals that can be made flavorful as well as filling. These dishes that use tokwa ...

Here Are The Vegetable Versions Of Your Favorite Meaty Recipes

You can have a meat-free menu and love it, too.
Choosing to eat more vegetables is a lifestyle choice. There is no shame in trying to eat better and being a more conscious eater! While there is no shame in being and loving being a carnivore, vegetables, too, have a place in our meals. Whether ...

Adobong Tokwa't Baboy Recipe

This is a tokwa't baboy and adobong baboy dish in one!
We just made everyone's favorite side dish into the main meal! The typical tokwa't baboy dish is usually served as the side dish to lugaw or some other congee.We think it's time to bring the tokwa and baboy combo from the sidelines to the main course. It's a ...

The 4 Common Kinds Of Tofu + Recipes To Use Them With

Tofu comes in different forms and all of them are delicious.
There are four common kinds of tofu you can encounter at the groceries. These four, although all of them are delicious, affordable, protein, have different uses. We run you through the different kinds and the recipes to use for each one.As the ...

Spicy Tokwang Adobo Recipe

Tofu gets tossed in a fiery adobo sauce for a different take on the dish.
It's easy to find easy ways to make adobo. The combination of soy sauce and vinegar is really delicious! The sauce is a great way to make anything, including, tofu, flavorful and appetizing. Instead of making it your usual tofu adobo, this one is spiced ...

Tokwa Salpicao Recipe

Nasubukan mo na ba gamitin ang tokwa?
Alam mo bang pwedeng gamitin ang tokwa sa salpicao? Sa halip na karne ng baka ang ihahalo sa sarsa, mag-prito lang ng mga tokwa. Hihigupin ng tokwa ang sarsa habang nilululuto ito. Ito na ang pinakamasarap na salpicao recipe na pwede mong kainin kahit anong ...

Replace The Meat With Tokwa In These Delicious Tofu Recipes

Tofu is one versatile ingredient!
We know how hard it can be to give up meat. In fact, we don't encourage you to do so—at least not the dishes that contain meat anyway. What we propose is something that can make you fall back in love with all ...

Tofu Dinakdakan Recipe

Get all the delicious flavors of a dinakdakan without the meat.
Do you love dinakdakan but don’t know how to handle innards or pig brains? Then go for this super easy vegetarian recipe! The tofu soaks in all the flavorful seasoning, giving it a delicious, tangy bite that’s perfect with rice. Feel free ...

These Tofu Recipes Can Feed 4 People for As Low as P89!

Looking for a scrumptious way to save on groceries? Tofu is the way to go.
Every diet needs a source of protein—that’s what makes meat dishes so filling. Sadly, chicken, beef and pork cost somewhere around P180-340/kilo, eating up most of your grocery budget. In comparison, a kilo of tofu only costs P80-140 on average. So, a quick and ...

What Is Silken Tofu + How to Use It

Silken tofu can be used for more than eating as taho.
Tofu, or tokwa, goes through a few stages before it becomes the tofu we know: a white, firm textured block of soy bean curds that is served with our lugaw, goto, and arroz caldo. While the most commonly used variety of tofu ...
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