Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory's First-Ever Restaurant: Menu + Recommendations!

The souffle pancake is a must!
We all know Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory to be the place to go to for cheese crackers, decadent cheesecakes, and creamy soft serve ice cream. But just in case you missed it, Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory recently opened its first-ever restaurant in the world and it's located here ...

Woah, This Cheesecake Tastes Like Tiramisu!

It's available for a limited time only.
Who doesn’t love the rich, creamy-bittersweet bite of tiramisu? It’s traditionally made with coffee (or Kahlua)-soaked ladyfingers layered with mascarpone cheese and cacao—and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. But it’s great to change things up in a while, and tiramisu’s coffee-meets-cheese ...

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory's First-Ever Restaurant Is Now Open

We know some dishes that will be on the menu.
We love Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory for its melt-in-your-mouth cheese cookies, the CowCow soft serve ice cream, and how can we forget the rich, decadent cheesecakes! But who's to say there isn't more to love about the brand? Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory ...

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Just Brought Back Their Special Christmas Cookies

Grab a box while it’s still available!
One of the many reasons we love the holidays is the festive flavors that make a comeback during the Christmas season and the Christmas season solely. Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory, known for its classic, melts-in-your-mouth cookies, has brought back their Chocolat and ...

Is Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Opening It's First-Ever Cafe?

Looks like we can get their fluffy Japanese souffles soon.
Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory is known for its rich cheesecakes, salt and camembert cookies, and the creamy Cow-Cow soft serve. It’s been the same selection of food items for quite some time now, only with the exception of having it in different ...

Here's How You Can Get Free Cheesecake From Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory!

Yes, one whole cheesecake!
If you love cheesecake as much as we do, then you probably know of Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory. They’re known for their cheese cookies, soft-serve ice cream, and, their rich and decadent cheesecake. One whole cheesecake from Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory is ...

This Japanese Cheesecake Is Now Available For Delivery!

Nothing beats delicious fluffy cheesecake.
Japanese cheesecake is hard to come by—good Japanese cheesecake is even harder. Thankfully, we can rely on Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory’s cheesecakes. Their classic Milk Cheesecake is a fluffy cheesecake made with French and Hokkaido cream cheese, blended with Hokkaido fresh cream and milk.The thing ...

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Has a New Strawberry-licious Dessert!

It's bliss in a cup!
No rainy weather can stop us from enjoying ice cream–especially when it’s creamy, sweet, and has strawberries! Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory has recently released its strawberry-flavored version of their signature desserts, the Strawberry & Milk Tea Cookies, and the Strawberry Milk Cheese Cake.The most recent ...

This Milk and Cheese Soft Serve Is the Ice Cream of Your Dreams

This cheese soft serve is insanely smooth and milky!
A good soft serve swirl is fun and delicious and possibly the best 5-minute distraction from life’s biggest problems. One of Manila’s newest soft serve swirls is a game-changer through and through: Cow Cow Ice’s Milk and Cheese Soft Serve.You will probably ...
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