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These Crunchy Chicken Wings Are Coated In An Addicting Spicy Cheese Sauce

A new take on chicken wings!
If you are always in the mood for food with a spicy-cheese combination, you should try Tokyo Tokyo’s new Wasabi Cheese Wings.The Japanese fast food chain’s signature crunchy and tender chicken wings are generously drenched in a creamy, spicy cheese sauce with ...

These Ramen Kits Are Made For Cheese, Tomato, And Chicken Teriyaki Fans!

Each ramen kit can serve two people. Plus, it's available for delivery!
A ramen kit sure comes in handy if you’re suddenly feeling an insatiable craving for ramen and you need an instant quick fix. If you’re looking for a more affordable ramen kit (that can be delivered to your doorstep, too!), Tokyo Tokyo ...

Tokyo Tokyo Now Offers Packs Of Frozen Chicken Gyoza, Chicken Karaage, Beef Misono, And More!

Switch things up!
If you need a break from the different frozen chicken packs being offered left and right, you can switch things up with Japanese food! Tokyo Tokyo is offering ready-to-cook meals, so you can still enjoy your Japanese faves at home.Here’s Tokyo Tokyo’s ready-to-cook ...

Tokyo Tokyo's New Maki Is Drizzled With Aligue Sauce

We can’t say no to the sinfully delicious crab fat.
Is being adventurous with your food part of your New Years’ resolution this year? The classics will always be there, but it never hurts to try something new, something unique, something out of the box. For sushi fans, Tokyo Tokyo just introduced the ...

Here's How You Can Score Some Free California Maki

Tokyo Tokyo knows us too well.
We’re all familiar with this scenario: You’re craving Japanese food, and maybe have been for days, but you just can’t decide whether you want meat, noodles, or sushi. And it may feel a little sacrilegious to go ahead and order them all—not ...
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