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You Will Need All These Tools To Bake Better

Add these to your must-buy list.
You may think you have all the tools and ingredients you need to start baking, but here a few more useful baking tools that may make your baking life much easier.   Did you know that your oven can and will lie to ...

This Is the Truth About Your Ceramic Knives

You might be using them for the wrong functions!
Ceramic knives became popular for their super sharp blades and lightweight feel—plus, they are pretty easy on the eyes, too! If you were drawn to these knives and ended up with a chipped blade, trust us—you aren’t alone.While ceramic knives are incredibly ...

These 5 Kitchen Tools Under P750 Will Make Your Life Easier

Life in the kitchen will be easier when you use these tools. Plus, they're affordable!
So many tools and gadgets were created to make every aspect of cooking easier for the everyday cook. The great thing about these? Many of them don’t have to cost too much. We took a look around and found 5 kitchen items that ...

Time-Travel with These Nostalgic Kitchen Gadgets

These retro tools deserve a spot in your kitchen counter!
Nostalgia Electronics has a knack for our Throwback Thursday tendencies: take a look at their retro collection! Each kitchen appliance takes us back to our favorite childhood food moments: eating hotdogs and marshmallows at our neighbors' kiddie parties, cupcakes being frosted by our ...

Kitchen Finds: Tools to Make Cooking Even More Fun

Spice up your cooking routine with fun and quirky gadgets!
Looking for cooking tools and gadgets that are out of the ordinary? Designed to be both quirky and functional, these cool tools will brighten up your kitchen and cooking baking routines! Chef Munne’s Paella Typical Spanish Con PaelleraThis mini-paellera is perfect for stovetop ...

INFOGRAPHIC: The Guide to Spatulas

It’s a bonanza of flipping, scraping and spreading.
A spatula is a spatula is a spatula. Or is it? We took a look at all the spatulas available in the market to figure out how they’re designed and exactly what they’re for, so that you don’t have to. ALSO READ:INFOGRAPHIC: The ...

Do Kitchen Magic! 10 Tools to Make Kitchen Prep Easier

Never thought these tools could be so handy?
Have you tried using common household items for culinary purposes? These can pull double-duty in the kitchen: 1. Use an ENVELOPE with a snipped corner as a funnel for dry ingredients and spices.2. Use BOWLS to peel garlic. Place cloves in a ...

3 Other Ways To Use Vegetable Peeler

Explore the wonders of this kitchen tool.
                                                                                                                       How to make the chocolate shavings atop this ...

How To Care For Bakeware

Here's how to show your tools the TLC they deserve.
Bakers' must: Taking care of the tools that help produce delicious baked goods. Follow this guide so your pans and tools can serve you for a very long time.1  Use properly Baking pans come in many materials—glass, aluminum, ceramic, and silicone. Whichever ...
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