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This Store Has Ube Bread, Ube Desserts, And Ube Halaya In A Tin Can!

It’s a haven for all kinds of ube fans!
Other food trends like the Dalgona coffee may come and go but ube will always be here to stay. If your ube cravings are too intense that one dessert is not enough, Purple Crumbs Kitchen is your one-stop shop for all things ube. ...

Titas Of Manila, These Ube Cheese Rolls Will Be Your New Merienda Staple

Have them with a cup of coffee!
Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably aware that ube-flavored pastries like pandesal, cinnamon rolls, and Spanish bread are taking over Metro Manila's food scene. If you just can't get enough of sweet treats made from the famous purple yam, we ...

Love Cinnamon Rolls? We Found An Ube Version Topped With Cream Cheese

Perfect for merienda!
We recently rounded up several home-baked cinammon rolls you can get delivered if you're in the mood for some sweet, sinful comfort food. Another sugary treat you probably can't get enough of these days is ube cheese pandesal. If you can't quite decide ...

Ube Pandesal Fans, You'll Want to Try This Ube Spanish Bread

It goes great with coffee!
You've probably had your fair share (read: embarassingly excessive amounts) of ube cheese pandesal this 2020 because the pastry seems to be available at every bakery and food shop in Manila these days. If you still can't get enough of breads flavored ...

All The Ube-Flavored Snacks You Can Find In Groceries!

Have you tried them all?
When it comes to desserts, Filipinos, and we cannot stress this enough, really, really love ube. If you have ever taken a spoonful of ube jam or ube halaya straight from a bottle, you would understand what makes this vibrant purple dessert ...
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