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7 Underrated Desserts You Can Find At 7-Eleven

These are all under P100, too.
While 7-Eleven is a go-to when you need to shop for essentials, grocery items, snacks, and even affordable coffee, it’s not usually top-of-mind when you think of a place to get cakes, pastries, and other decadent sweets. Not many know that the ...

Delicious Ways To Add Ube To Your Breakfast

There are surprising ways to have ube in the morning.
Love ube? Have them for breakfast! Here are 5 easy recipes to give usual breakfast dishes an ube level-up!Ube Spread Recipe Ube Latte with Coffee Whip Recipe Ube Pancakes Recipe Ube Champorado Recipe  ...

Judy Ann Santos' New Creation Combines Two Kinds Of Champorado In One Tub

It's topped with pastillas, cheese, and cereal!
In case you didn't know, Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo's food business Angrydobo is a restaurant that specializes in adobo. The couple opened the restaurant in 2019 but has since then expanded its adobo menu to include other delicious dishes with a twist ...

Homemade Ube Champorado Recipe

So sweet!
Upgrade your classic chocolate champorado and switch up the flavors with this ube champorado recipe.  ...

This Ube Champorado Kit Is What You Need For Your Early Morning Ube Cravings

Can't get enough of ube?
When it’s too early in the morning and you’re already craving ube, what you need a bowl of creamy ube champorado stat! Good thing you don’t have to cook one for yourself, thanks to Barrel Coffee’s Ube Champorado Kit (P195).Barrel Coffee, a newly-opened cafe in ...

The OG Ube Champorado Is Now Available At The Podium

This is their second branch!
Friends and Family boasts of mouthwatering, nostalgic Filipino comfort food that was once served in different Manila eateries and diners for the past years. The first branch is at High Street, Bonifacio Global City, but now, they recently expanded with a new concept called the Friends ...

You Can Find Ube Champorado In This Convenience Store For Only P39!

It has cheese bits on top, too!
Champorado is a classic Filipino breakfast that is easy to love, especially on a rainy day. It’s a delicious comfort food that’s good on its own, but it’s also a versatile dish that you can play around with. Some prefer adding a heaping ...

WATCH: How To Cook Ube Champorado

Ube + champorado = a delicious, colorful morning.
Champorado is a classic Pinoy breakfast so, it's only time that we upgrade it. Naturally sweet, the vibrant dessert ube halaya is a great chocolate substitute and the natural complement to the rice. Plus, it's just as fast and easy as the original so ...

Ube Champorado Recipe

We bet you never had champorado like this before!
We bet you never had champorado like this before! Swap out the classic chocolate for sweet, earthy ube. What a treat!  ...
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