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WATCH: All the Ube Cheese Desserts You Need To Try Right Now

There’s more than just the ube cheese pandesal.
There’s no denying that ube and cheese are a match made in heaven. The sweet, earthiness of the ube as it blends with the sharp saltiness of the cheese effortlessly complement each other. And it almost doesn’t matter what form it comes ...

These Soft Hopias Are Stuffed With Creamy Ube And Gooey Cheese!

Pandan Cheese hopia is available, too.
If you haven’t noticed, a lot of our desserts are getting the ube-and-cheese makeover—there’s the popular pandesal, cookies, cinnamon rolls, buchi, and even bibingka. One of the more interesting ube and cheese items we recently found comes in the form of hopia, ...

Ube + Cheese Fans, These Ring Doughnuts Are Topped With Ube Glaze And Cheese

Can't get enough of the ube and cheese combo?
Some can't get enough of the ube and cheese trend and you can now try this sweet, earthy, and salty combination in pandesal, bibingka, cookies, cinnamon rolls, siopao, and champorado. If you’re still on an ube-cheese high, another pastry you can try are these Ube Cheese ...
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