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These Soft Ube Pandesals Are Stuffed With Leche Flan!

Do you like ube with leche flan more than ube with cheese?
One of the first places to sell ube cheese pandesal is Bungalow Cafe & Bakery, a cafe located at Molito Lifestyle Center in Alabang. Another recent ube pastry addition to their ever-growing menu is a different take on the quarantine food trend and targets a totally different ...

Auntie Anne's Is Having A Buy-Two-Get-One Promo On Their Ube Cheese Bites

You can get them delivered!
Auntie Anne's is primarily known for their irresistible baked pretzels, but it looks like they've also gotten in on the ube cheese craze in Metro Manila. They released their ube cheese pretzel bites in late January and if you haven't tried them ...

Pandesal Now Comes In Ube, Matcha, Red Velvet, Nutella, Butternut, Blueberry Flavors

Have you tried flavored pandesal in butternut and matcha flavors?
Ube-cheese pandesal is still a big food trend. Since the trend began in late 2019, many have enjoyed these soft buns stuffed with an equal blend of sweet ube halaya and salty cream cheese.It has sparked the creation of more unique versions to satisfy your pandesal cravings, ...

Here Are Our Reader's Best Tips for Making Ube Cheese Pandesal

Dare to make it, too? They did!
Baking bread is an accomplishment that even the most experienced home bakers can feel proud of making. There is something very invigorating when you smell the aroma of baking bread wafting from the oven and through the kitchen.That’s what new bakers discovered ...

You Can Now Buy Ube Cheese-Stuffed Pandesal In Convenience Stores!

Haven't tried the ube cheese pandesal trend? Now's your chance!
The ube cheese pandesal trend is one of the pre-quarantine food trends that continuously have a high demand to this day. While there are a number of home bakers that offer this, there aren’t a lot of places where you can have ...

Woah, This Ube Pandesal Is Filled With Melted Cheese!

You can’t go wrong with ube and cheese.
We’ll never get tired of saying that ube and cheese are food soulmates. They’re meant for each other in whatever form they take, whether that may be hopia, cheese rolls, ice cream, cupcakes, cassava cake, puto, or pancake. Even a plain ol’ pandesal are given these vibrant ...
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