Have You Tried These Ube and Matcha-Flavored Pastries?

These ube and matcha pastries are for adventurous eaters!
Kouign amann (pronounced kween aman), the puff pastry’s extra-buttery and extra-sugary cousin, is every dessert-lover’s dream: layers and layers of light and fluffy pastry, loads of butter in every bite, and caramelized sugar that gives kouign amann its distinct crunch.Adventurous eaters need ...

Ube Creme Brulee Recipe

Think leche flan but lighter, with a crackly sugar layer in a delicate lavender hue.
Delicate and light, this creme brûlée version is infused with ube halaya. Use a culinary torch to burn the sugar until it's caramelized to achieve the signature hard candy surface that you crack open before enjoying.  ...

Ube Puto Recipe

Buttery puto in ube flavors? Yes, please!
Top these vibrant ube-flavored puto with grated cheddar cheese for a sweet, salty combo that you can enjoy as is or paired with your afternoon merienda.   ...

WATCH: How To Bake Ube Crinkles

Ube + crinkles = happiness in a cookie
Ube is known for its vibrant hue and warm, earthy flavor that marries well with other flavors. So, we took the gorgeous color of the yam and its flavors and put it in fudgy crinkles. Takes 30 minutes plus chillingMakes 20 cookies1 large egg1/4 cup canola oil, ...

Ube Leche Flan Cupcakes Recipe

Ube + Leche Flan is going to be your new favorite cupcake combo.
Earthy ube is the perfect pairing for the sweet, creamy leche flan on top of this cupcake. No frosting needed!  ...

WATCH: Make Your Leche Flan Extra Delicious With A Layer Of Ube

We layered ube halaya onto leche flan, and it's sinfully delicious.
We combined two delicious sweet things—ube halaya and leche flan—and created this decadent dessert: ube with leche flan. It's the mash-up you always thought would be delicious together but is made even better by keeping the layers separate. You not only get creaminess from the ...

This Is How You Can Make Ube Halaya Better

Mix these ingredients into your ube halaya to make it even more delicious.
Ube (purple yam) is an ingredient that is as gorgeous to look at as it is delicious. When ube or purple yam is made into a jam like we usually do, it’s a decadent snack that you can spoon right out of the jar. ...

Ube Biko Recipe

The brilliant purple hue of this sticky rice dessert is because of ube.
Biko is easy to make. You need a rice cooker to do most of the work and just to make it different from your usual, it's dyed an incredibly vibrant color with both ube halaya and ube flavoring for added brilliance. No biko ...
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