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These Soft Ube Pandesals Are Stuffed With Leche Flan!

Do you like ube with leche flan more than ube with cheese?
One of the first places to sell ube cheese pandesal is Bungalow Cafe & Bakery, a cafe located at Molito Lifestyle Center in Alabang. Another recent ube pastry addition to their ever-growing menu is a different take on the quarantine food trend and targets a totally different ...

This Ube Custard Cake Is Available For Delivery!

You can pre-order your favorite ube desserts through Wildflour To-Go.
On its own, ube and leche flan are good desserts, but when you combine these two classics, it becomes a wonderful dessert. Not fully convinced? Wildflour To-Go just brought back its Ube Custard Cake on the delivery menu so you can enjoy ...

These Creamy, Dreamy Leche Flan Dessert Combos Are Worth The Work

These desserts put two of your favorite desserts into one irresistible bite!
There is something unique and unforgettable about eating into a dessert and discovering there's a surprising ingredient in it that makes it over-the-top delicious.From cheesecakes that have a delicious blueberry topping as well as an abundant amount of fresh fruits stirred into the creamy cheese to chocolate ...

We Need To Talk About This Gorgeous Ube Leche Flan Dessert

Ube and leche flan are definitely food soulmates.
One of the hardest questions you can ever ask a Filipino foodie is to pick between ube and leche flan. These both have delicious and distinct flavors that it’s just gut-wrenchingly painful to ever think of living in a world where you ...

Ube Leche Flan Suman Recipe

This has three Filipino favorites in one!
We love suman, but we have to admit, not all kinds of kakanin are made equal. This suman rises above them all by combining two other Filipino favorites: leche flan and ube halaya! With every log of suman, you get creamy, earthy ube, ...

Conti's Classic Ube With Leche Flan Cake Is Back!

Ube and leche flan in one cake? We're here for it!
We love Conti’s popular Mango Bravo, but we’re a firm believer that you can always make room for new cake favorites. If you are head over heels in love with the earthy flavor of ube and the sweetness of leche flan, then you ...

WATCH: Make Your Leche Flan Extra Delicious With A Layer Of Ube

We layered ube halaya onto leche flan, and it's sinfully delicious.
We combined two delicious sweet things—ube halaya and leche flan—and created this decadent dessert: ube with leche flan. It's the mash-up you always thought would be delicious together but is made even better by keeping the layers separate. You not only get creaminess from the ...

Ube Leche Flan Cupcakes Recipe

Ube + Leche Flan is going to be your new favorite cupcake combo.
Earthy ube is the perfect pairing for the sweet, creamy leche flan. There is simply something special about the way that these two Filipino desserts complement each other. And in this recipe, we're bringing the best of both worlds by combining delicious ube cupcakes ...
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