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These Easy Fish Recipes Are Ulam Ideas To Try

Make meals easy with these ulam ideas using fish.
Fish is a fast-cooking ingredient. It's easy to cook and frying is one of the fastest ways to cook it. It helps that fried fish is super tasty and delicious. You can even purposely overcook fish to create firm and crispy fish instead ...

Use Beef Instead of Pork For These Recipes

These ulam dishes just got extra beefy!
There's no reason why you can't swap the meat in recipes. In fact, it's a genius idea to learn how to easily swap from one meat to another, especially since pork prices have risen to almost the same price level as beef. You have your choice of ...

Ulam Recipes Made Better With Potatoes

Add this one ingredient to make any meal more hearty and filling.
Ulam recipes are filling and usually meaty dishes. These are the star of the table, the dish that always pairs well with the hot steamed rice.Many dishes are delicious and flavorful but not all are hearty enough to stand up on its ...

Ulam Recipes Using Tomato Sauce

Delicious dishes are just waiting to be made using tomato sauce.
The Filipino menu of favorite ulam dishes is rife with recipes that include this ingredient: tomato sauce. Tomato sauce at its most basic is essentially pureed ripe tomatoes. It's commonly seasoned even if it's just a little bit. Ripe tomatoes are cut up and then simmered ...

Pinoy Ulam Recipes With Kang Kong

Add kang kong to your ulam!
The water spinach or more locally known as kang kong is the most common kind of leafy green many of us know. This is and has been the substitute used for many recipes. This is also the substitute used for those recipes that ...

Make Delicious Ulam Recipes With Pork Kasim

This popular cut can be used in your ulam dishes.
The pork kasim is a cut that you will commonly find in the butcher shop or meat section of your supermarket. It's one of the most common pork cuts you'll encounter and it's also one of the cuts that are left whole. That's because there is ...
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