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Forget Popcorn: You Can Now Have Chicken and Rice at the Movies

Without the mess!
If you can't go through a movie without a snack in hand, UP Town Center's cinema snackbar has something that could make you forget popcorn. Chicken Pile offers boneless chicken thighs glazed in the flavor of your choice, and you can take ...

You Can Only Get These Pretty Honey-Based Milk Teas at UP Town Center

Get it at the newly-opened The Caf.
It's so pretty you'll think twice before shaking!Ho Cha opened its first branch last August 16 at UP Town’s The Caf where they introduced new exciting flavors using their signature honey-based tea. Among them, their layered ube milk tea will stand out ...

We Have A Guide To The Secret Menu of BLK 513 Frozen Yogurt!

A passcode is required to get these treats!
Frozen yogurt is a healthier way to enjoy desserts—it has less fat than your regular ice cream and the yogurt component aids for better digestion. More than your usual frozen yogurt, BLK 513 is the first to serve Greek yogurt with activated ...
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