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WATCH: How To Make Heart-Shaped Shortbread Cookies

These are the perfect cookies for Valentine's... or any other occasion that satisfies your buttery cookie craving.
Wonderfully buttery with a strawberry jam-filled center, these are the perfect cookie gifts for this Valentine's Day. We just bet these heart-shaped cookies will warm even the coldest of hearts.Heart-Shaped Shortbread Cookies Takes 50 minutes plus chilling and cooling Makes 18 sandwich ...

Solo Flight: 5 Recipes Single People Should Make This Valentine's Day

It’s the perfect excuse to indulge a bit.
Not everyone out there has someone to cuddle up with this Valentine’s Day. With all the lists and recipes out there dedicated to happy couples, we thought it right to give the single people of the world something to look forward to ...

Fudgy Heart Brownies

He?ll love this fudgy chocolate dessert?and you!
He'll love this—and you! ...
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