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You Can Now Order Via Mare's Buttery, Fluffy Bibingka For Merienda!

They have more dishes available on their enhanced community quarantine menu.
Are you dreaming of a warm, buttery, fluffy bibingka, a sticky, flavorful puto bumbong with muscovado sugar on top, or a bowl of creamy guinataang halo-halo for merienda? You’re in luck! Via Mare is now accepting take-out/pick-up orders of its best-selling classic Filipino ...

Where To Get Your Bibingka Cravings Satisfied In Manila

Extra butter, please!
One of the dishes you can have all-year-round but is high on demand during the holidays is bibingka, because it's truly the dish that's synonymous with Christmas. It's a soft, sweet rice cake that's topped with salted egg, slathered with butter, and sprinkled with ...
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