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Try These Bibingka And Puto Bumbong + Nutella Combos While They're Still Available

Your favorite Christmas kakanin gets a sugary dose of Nutella!
Is it really Christmas without the delicious scent of buttery bibingka and puto bumbong when you step out of the church after attending simbang gabi? If you've been looking for a way to satisfy your Christmas kakanin cravings, Via Mare and Nutella have ...

Places That Deliver Kakanin in Metro Manila

Here's where you can order puto, kutsinta, sapin-sapin, biko, and more!
Whether it's a bag of steamed puto, a sticky tray of biko, or a bilao of sapin-sapin, kakanin is deeply embedded in the culture and taste buds of every Filipino. However, with the restrictions brought about by the community quarantine still in place, ...

You Can Now Order Via Mare's Buttery, Fluffy Bibingka For Merienda!

They have more dishes available on their enhanced community quarantine menu.
Are you dreaming of a warm, buttery, fluffy bibingka, a sticky, flavorful puto bumbong with muscovado sugar on top, or a bowl of creamy guinataang halo-halo for merienda? You’re in luck! Via Mare is now accepting take-out/pick-up orders of its best-selling classic Filipino ...

Where To Get Your Bibingka Cravings Satisfied In Manila

Extra butter, please!
One of the dishes you can have all-year-round but is high on demand during the holidays is bibingka, because it's truly the dish that's synonymous with Christmas. It's a soft, sweet rice cake that's topped with salted egg, slathered with butter, and sprinkled with ...
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