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Waffle Makers You Can Get Delivered If You Want to Up Your Breakfast Game

All you need is your go-to pancake mix!
You've probably made countless stacks of pancakes in quarantine whether for breakfast, lunch, merienda, or dinner. They're a versatile treat that can be served sweet or savory and are a breeze to make once you know how. If you want to level ...

Can't Decide Whether You Want Pancakes or Waffles? This Cooking Pan Lets You Have Both

You’ll want this nifty kitchen gadget in your kitchen.
Pancakes or waffles? On some days, we know it’s tough to decide. Meet the Panwaffle Maker. It's a cooking tool with a two-piece skillet that lets you cook a pancake with a crisp waffle in the center, according to How to use ...

WATCH: 5 Fun Snacks You Can Make in a Waffle Iron

Your waffle maker is for more than just making waffles!
Your waffle maker is actually a pretty nifty multitasker. Proof: we found five items made more delicious by using a waffle maker: 1 The Ham and Cheese SandwichSkip the pan AND the panini press. You’ll want to waffle every sandwich you will ...
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