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Marian Rivera Uses This Kitchen Appliance Every Day

She also shared with how she feels about the trendy air fryer, too.
We all know Marian Rivera Gracia Dantes as an actress, wife to Dingdong Dantes, and a mother to her two children, Zia and Sixto. Marian has also taken on a new challenge as she takes on the role of Kreon in Tanghalang Ateneo's ...

Waffle Pizza Recipe

Have a pizza party using waffles!
These savory waffles are a unique way of making pizza! This deluxe waffle is an ingenious way of avoiding the lengthy chore of making pizza crust and makes eating pizza for breakfast a legitimate reality. Pepperoni is our choice for this pizza, so feel free to use ...

Did You Know Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory's Café Offers Caramel Waffles?

You can't go wrong with this combo!
Just in case you didn't know, Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory opened a restaurant a few months before the pandemic and quarantine happened. The restaurant-café is known for its jiggly soufflé pancakes, but they also have waffles on the menu, too. They previously had a Caramel Banana ...

This Chicken + Waffles Plate Will Make You Forget About Rice

It's an unusual but delicious pairing!
There are countless ways Filipinos enjoy juicy fried chicken. We can eat with rice, pancit, eat it as is, or pair it with a mug of ice-cold beer. A not so common fried chicken pairing concept for Filipinos? Chicken with waffles. Nono’s ...

Welcome Summer With These Ice Cream Sandwiches

Bring on the summer heat!
If your favorite ice cream sandwich is one from the sorbetero—creamy Pinoy "dirty ice cream" hugged by a hamburger bun—you'll be glad to know that Dough Creamery's ice cream sandwiches will bring back those delicious memories.Dough Creamery's ice cream sandwiches are a bit ...

Cheesy Bacon Waffle Sandwich Recipe

Make this cheesy bacon waffle sandwich for breakfast or merienda.
This cheesy bacon waffle sandwich is crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.  ...

Breakfast Waffles Recipe

Just like pancakes and French toast, golden waffles are a classic breakfast staple.
Just like pancakes and French toast, golden waffles are a classic breakfast staple. Waffles are so easy to make—you can prepare the batter up to three days in advance and store it in the refrigerator. ...

Meet the Wonut (Waffle + Donut)

The waffle and donut hybrid is one delicious dessert you should try.
Matcha & Dark Chocolate WonutJust when you thought a waffle topped with fruits, whipped cream, or chocolate chips, and drizzled with caramel or chocolate sauce was enough, along comes the Wonut. Deep-fried like a donut, plated and served with the sweetest things, ...
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