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This Fried Chicken + Curry Meal Is So Delicious You Won't Want To Share

This Thai fried chicken is crispy, juicy, and well-seasoned!
If you've been looking for places to get Thai food, Made In Bangkok is the newest food delivery-only brand where you can order Thai food in Metro Manila. Started by The Raspberry Group (also behind Ginza Gyu and Mama Cha), Made In Bangkok combines traditional Thai ...

Wagyu Cubes: What Is It + How To Spot The Real Thing

What do real Wagyu beef cubes look like?
What's real and what's fake can be hard to tell if the fake stuff is made well. The good news is that when it comes to food, especially Wagyu cubes, it's easy to tell which is the real thing and what is fake with just one look.  The ...

This Cheesy Baked Dip Has Bacon And Wagyu Beef; Here's Where You Can Get It

Serve it as a dip or eat it as a complete meal!
Just when we thought we had already tried all the trendy baked trays on Instagram from sushi bake to shawarma bake and SPAM bake, we couldn't believe our eyes when we saw another prospect: Meet Good Carbs MNL's Wagyu Bacorn Cheese Bake! It's loaded with ...

Score Discounted Wagyu At This Supermarket While You Still Can!

OMG, Wagyu beef burgers are on sale, too!
When it comes to meat, one of the most expensive meats in the market is Wagyu. The reason why it’s expensive (but worth the splurge) is because Wagyu is a type of cattle meat known for its higher grade of marbling. The ...

You Can Still Indulge in Crab Tempura and Wagyu At This Japanese Resto

Get those chopsticks ready!
If a trip to Japan is not on the agenda anytime soon, you can still satisfy your tempura cravings at Tenya. Known for their high-quality tempura and tendon, Tenya is a famous restaurant chain from Japan and has several branches in Metro Manila. Hankering ...

This Juicy Wagyu Cheeseburger Was Made for Meat-Lovers

Bite into this juicy, satisfying burger!
What makes a good burger? Simple: a buttery brioche bun, a juicy beef patty, and simple add-ons like cheese, lettuce, and a touch of sauce.Tokyo Tokyo just put together a great burger for meat-lovers to enjoy with their newest addition to their ...
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