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Score A Big Discount On A Box Of Melona At This Supermarket

It's only available until the end of August!
It's always a good time for ice cream if you're in the Philippines where it's hot and humid most of the time. If you love Melona's ice cream bars, now's the time to stock your freezer with a box of your favorite Melona ...

Would You Try This Pandan Coconut-Flavored Chocolate?

It's available in the supermarket!
For those who love weird but delicious chocolate flavors—we're looking at you, mint chocolate fans!—there's another bar of chocolate you should add to your list of unusual chocolate experiences. Cadbury Dairy Milk in Pandan Coconut flavor is available at WalterMart!The Cadbury Dairy Milk ...

Add To Grocery Cart: Purefoods' NEW Spicy Nuggets and Pork Katsu

They have new Pork Katsu and Chicken Katsu, too!
Have you been cooking up a storm in the past year of staying at home? If you're not in the mood to cook from scratch, that's totally understandable and okay. Thankfully, more frozen goods and ready-to-heat packs are now available in supermarkets like ...

These Condensed Milk-Filled Meiji Ice Cream Bars Are Now Available In The Supermarket

The flavors are so unique!
Are you curious about how Meiji ice cream bars taste like? When we first learned of the existence of the 12 unique flavors of Meiji ice cream bars in the Philippines, these were commonly sold via online stores. But thankfully, it's now easier to find them ...

You Can Now Score This Yogurt-Flavored Soju At WalterMart!

No need to go to a Korean supermarket.
It was definitely a game changer when this Chum Churum yogurt-flavored soju became available in the Philippines. While we first spotted this unique soju flavor in a Korean grocery, it’s now easier to buy this bottle because it's now available in WalterMart!This soju flavor comes in ...
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