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Baked Adobo Chicken Wings Recipe

Upgrade the classic Pinoy adobo recipe!
This recipe is another variation or a modern take on our classic "National Dish" the adobo, where baking and frying techniques are added to the process. It can be eaten as a snack during movie nights or parties, or you can enjoy ...

Sizzling Hot Buffalo Wings Recipe

It's a buffalo wings recipe unlike any other!
Frying wings is messy, so baking the chicken is easier. To make sure this can be served in time for lunch, give yourself plenty of time! Depending on the size of the wings, this needs around 50 to 60 minutes in the oven before ...

COOKING WITH NEWBIES: How To Make Korean Fried Chicken Wings

She loves chicken wings, so she can now make it anytime she wants.
Cooking newbie Lou Ferrer, a coordinator, is not that new to cooking. She has cooked before and while she has some experience, she doesn't spend a lot of time in the kitchen. This is perfect because unlike some newbies, she already has an ...

WATCH: Salted Egg Makes These Chicken Wings Extra Delicious

The salted egg craze is not over.
All things tossed in the yolks of the itlog na maalat, otherwise known as itlog na pula or salted eggs, was a crazy trend! From potato chips and fish skins to pasta sauces and dips, the grainy but savory yet creamy quality of the ...
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