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Is It Worth It? A Newbie Cook Puts Xiaomi's P2,795 Air Fryer To The Test

We find out if the budget-friendly device can deliver quality performance.
Air fryers are known for their oil-free cooking method as well as their ability to prepare meals with minimal effort, so they're a great investment if you're avoiding excess fat in your diet or just don't have the time to arduously cook ...

You Can Control This Coffee Maker With Your Phone + It's Less Than P7,000

Level up your homemade coffee!
Hanging out at your favorite cafe has more or less been out of the question this past year. What was once routine for the average citygoer or office worker now seems more like a distant memory. These days, work-from-home employees and busy ...

You Can Get This Sleek Air Fryer For Less Than P2,800

It'll make meal prep quicker and healthier!
Air fryers have been a trendy kitchen appliance for a few years now. In case you still don't get how they work, the device cooks food by circulating hot air inside its compartment. It's a popular alternative to conventional pan frying as ...

4 Air Fryers You Can Shop For Less Than P5,000

No need to splurge to get this handy kitchen tool.
Whether you're a veteran home cook or someone who's just learning their way around the kitchen, you may be considering getting an air fryer. The device, which cooks food by circulating hot air inside its compartment, is a handy appliance to keep ...
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