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You Can Buy Nearly A Liter of This Yakult Ice Cream For Just P145

Calling all Yakult addicts!
Japanese probitiotic drink Yakult is so popular that it's used to make cocktails, iced tea, and even ice cream. We recently showed you a quick, two-ingredient recipe you can try at home if you want to make your own Yakult ice cream, but ...

You Only Need Two Ingredients to Make Yakult Ice Cream at Home

The perfect dessert for Yakult fans.
Besides just having the constant craving for Yakult on its own, people have been creating all sorts of concoctions using the Japanese probiotic drink as a base. A popular example would be the Soju Yakult cocktail and other fun creations like Yakult slushies. If you're ...

Yakult Soft-Serve Is Now a Thing Thanks to This Cafe

Because we're still not over this flavor!
From a favorite childhood drink, Yakult has evolved into a trendy flavor we can't get enough of. You can now get the probiotic-milk drink in other beverages, but Black Scoop Café is taking things a step further by creating a Yakult Soft-Serve ...
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