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20-Minute Yang Chow Fried Rice Recipe

Recreate your favorite fried rice and say goodbye to Chinese takeout.
Yang chow fried rice can be cooked in a matter of minutes. You can even use leftover meat and veggies as mix-ins for this super quick fried rice dish.  ...

Easy Yang Chow Fried Rice Recipe

Use leftover rice and pork to make a quick yang chow fried rice recipe.
Rice is a staple ingredient in Asia, and more often that not, you will end up with leftovers. Here is a smart and easy way to smartly use them: fried rice! Fried rice recipes are versatile because you get to mix-and-match flavors ...

Reader Tips: How to Cook Amazing Fried Rice

There’s no need to buy take out.
There’s something about fried rice that is undeniably comforting. Whether or not it’s because of how easy it is to make it, or how its mix of flavors is so familiar, nothing can beat good fried rice served straight out of the ...

Yang Chow Fried Rice Recipe

You can also add fresh shrimp or picked crabmeat to this classic Chinese-restaurant dish.
This yang chow fried rice dish is a classic! Filled with rich and mouthwatering ingredients such as Chinese sausage and tinapa, umami flavors are sure to burst in your mouth with each bite. Adding in fresh shrimp or crabmeat to the mixture ...
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