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The Alley Will Introduce These Two Trendy Drinks When The Quarantine Is Over

Here’s something to look forward to!
When the quarantine started, everyone made their own Dalgona coffee and eventually made different versions of this velvety drink. But it seems like there will be no more arm workout needed after the enhanced community quarantine is lifted because The Alley is set ...

These Refreshing Yogurt Drinks Are Now Available For Delivery

You can order from two of its branches.
If one of your daily indulgences before the quarantine is a creamy yogurt drink, you can now have Koomi delivered! Koomi opened its Podium branch last April 7 while the SM Mall of Asia branch starts its operations on April 13, Monday. If ...

This Huge Bottle Is A Great Yakult Alternative

Just what you need for your soju cocktails, too!
If you've ever wished for a larger Yakult bottle, your cultured milk dreams just came true! If you’re looking for a good Yakult alternative, we found F&B Family Yogurt, a huge 700-ml bottle of yogurt drink that will not only make your lifelong dream of gulping down ...
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