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You Can Make A No-Bake Oreo Cake With Just 3 Ingredients

It's super easy!
This is perhaps the easiest cake you could ever whip up in your kitchen. It only requires 3 ingredients plus you don't need an oven: Here's what you'll need: *** ...

How To Make Easy Crepes At Home

Yes, you can do it. No special tools needed!
Do you miss dining out and enjoying crepes at your favorite dessert spot? Have you ever thought about making crepes at home? Well, now you can. You don't even need special tools. Are you up for the challenge?Here's what you'll need:  ...

How To Make An Easy Korean Steamed Egg At Home

Do you miss banchan at Korean restaurants, too?
If you miss this particular steamed egg at your favorite Korean place, you can definitely recreate it at home and add it as a side dish when you plan a samgyupsal party!Here's what you'll need:***  ...

How To Make Chocolate Cake In A Rice Cooker

No oven? No problem! You can still make the perfect chocolate cake using a rice cooker!
You can still have the chocolate cake of your dreams and make it using your rice cooker! You don't have to worry about baking in an oven.Here's what you'll need: For the ganache:  ...

How To Make An Easy Pizza Dough

This is a quick pizza dough recipe that's tasty and you don't need yeast!
You don't need to spend hours on making pizza dough! You can finally make pizza at home without waiting that long, plus this recipe doesn't require yeast. You only need to let the dough rest for 30 minutes. Here's what you'll need:  ...

How To Make Chocolate Crinkles In A Frying Pan

Yes, it can work without an oven.
You don't need an oven for baking to make chocolate crinkles. If you're craving chocolate crinkles, have the ingredients, and you have a frying pan, you're all set! Here's what you'll need: ...

WATCH: How To Make A Lava Cake In A Toaster Oven

Can you bake a lava cake in a toaster oven? Absolutely!
If you don't have a conventional oven for baking at home, you can try this lava cake recipe baked in a toaster oven to whip up an after-dinner treat for yourself.Here's what you'll need: ***Thinking about what to cook next? Join our ...

How To Make A Cheese Board For Under P500

You can make your own for special occasions!
You don't need to break the bank to set up your own cheese board at home. You can DIY it with a 500-peso budget and still have a cheese board that's enjoyable and satisfying! Here's what you'll need: You will only spend a total of ...
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