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We Stuffed Ourselves Silly with Chocolate Cake to Find the Best Boxed Mix

We tried White King, Betty Crocker, Maya, and Magnolia!
Why go through the trouble of making a cake from start to finish when you have boxed mixes to give you a hand? The magic of boxed chocolate cake mixes is that you only need to add three ingredients: oil, water, and ...

Is Swiss Miss Really the Best Hot Chocolate Mix? We Tried Goya, Nestle, and More

Extra marshmallows, please!
There’s nothing more relaxing than going for some DIY hot chocolate on a gloomy, rainy day. What’s easier than a just-add-water mix, right? Powdered hot chocolate has to be one of the cheapest supermarket buys that satisfy that self-care ethos the gloomy ...

Jell-O, Knox, or Ferna: Which Box Makes the Best Gelatin?

We munched on jiggly rounds of gelatin for this month’s Taste Test!
Gelatin is, without a doubt, a classic sweet treat that takes everyone straight back to their best childhood memories, ala-Anton Ego. Remember those tall, jiggly rounds of cathedral windows your lola used to make? Or the long hours you had to wait ...
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