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Del Monte, Clara Ole, UFC, and More: Which Is the Best-Tasting Sweet-Style Spaghetti Sauce?

Extra hotdogs, please!
Ah, the sweet tomato sauce, cheddar cheese, and chopped hotdog combo. There’s nothing quite like Filipino sweet-style spaghetti! This dish is a must at Pinoy parties, and is perfect for feeding large crowds of family and friends on weekends. For this reason, ...

Which Bottled Pasta Sauce is the Best? We Tried Contadina, Ragu, and More!

We searched the supermarket for the best-tasting pasta sauce!
Bottled, ready-made pasta sauces exist for one purpose: to cut down on every home cook’s prep time while delivering on the same flavors you look for in a homemade tomato-based pasta sauce. The reheating steps are simple, too. All you have to ...

We Taste-Tested for The Best Champorado Mix in the Grocery

This month’s Taste Test takes on a Filipino favorite: champorado.
In the photo: Maya's instant boxed champorado mix actually has a good chocolate taste.Champorado, or sweet chocolate rice porridge, is a breakfast favorite in every Filipino household. Traditionally made of sticky rice (malagkit), tablea, sugar, and a dash of milk, its sweet ...

Which Boxed Mix Makes the Fluffiest Pancakes? We Tried Maya, White King, and More

We put all your favorite boxed pancake mixes to the test!
Life is too short to not have delicious pancakes as part of your weekend breakfast spread! While you can easily make them from scratch, boxed mixes are great for easy mornings and fuss-free prep work.We did the work for you and tested ...
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