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Here's How You Can Get Unlimited Fries For As Low As P55

Enjoy unlimited fries with your burger for an additional P55.
It's a fact: there's always room for fries as much as there is room for dessert. For those who have an insatiable appetite for French fries, Zark's Unli-Fries promo (unlimited fries) is back, and you can get enjoy unlimited fries for P99 or ...

Zark's New Item On The Menu Is A Combination Of Pizza And A Burger

Two of your favorites in one!
We love pizza for its toppings and we love burger for its juicy, flavorful patty. But what happens when you combine both of these in one bite? Zark’s Burgers put two favorites in one item with the new Three Cheese Pepperoni burger.The Three ...

You Can Get Unlimited Fries With Your Burger For Only P109

Fries is life!
We can absolutely relate if you are also the type of person who will always (ALWAYS!) have room for French fries even after stuffing yourself with a burger or pasta. For those living that "fries is life" mantra, you should know that ...

This Is Not A Drill: Zark's "Jackhammer" Two-Quarter Pounder Burger Is Back

Bring your appetite!
Sometimes, a good burger is all anyone ever needs to get rid of the bad juju. Zark’s Burgers is bringing back one of their famous burgers on their menu as the burger of the month for December. It’s time to welcome back ...
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