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You Can Get A FREE Original Glazed Doughnut Every Day, Here's How

Just ONE simple thing to do.
What could be better than getting a free Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnut with your cup of coffee every single day? If you didn’t know, Krispy Kreme has a “Good Together” program where you can actually get one free Original Glazed Doughnut if ...

This Eco-Friendly Grocery Plastic Bag Won't Harm Mother Earth

Did you know that regular plastic only starts to decay after 1,000 years?
Food packaged in single-use plastic is often the cheaper option as opposed to bottled or canned products. The downsides of it is that plastic only decomposes after 1,000 years and the rampant production and consumption of single-use plastic is piling up in mountains ...

Hooray, Nespresso Is Transforming Coffee Capsules Into Art

No to single-use plastic!
Last year, the Philippines, unfortunately, ranked third on the list of the world's biggest producers of plastic pollution. It trailed just behind overpopulated China and the world's largest archipelago, Indonesia. This disappointing news has led more individuals and companies to make more ...

Practical + Easy Ways To Use Less Plastic In The Kitchen

Let's do our part to save our oceans.
The plastic problem around the world isn’t just in our oceans threatening our wildlife. It’s also invading our kitchens. According to National Geographic, microplastic has been found in a whopping 90% of table salt. There’s no one else to blame but us ...

Don't Throw Away Your Paper Bags When You Buy Food!

It’s for a good cause!
Even though most supermarkets have already banned the usage of plastic bags and some have lessened their plastic packaging, brown paper bags still take a long time to decompose in a landfill.In an effort to save Mother Earth, social enterprise Silent Beads uses paper bags to ...

Hooray, Our Local Farms Are Now Using Plastic-Free Packaging!

We hope more farms and supermarkets find a way to lessen their plastic usage!
It’s not #fakenews that the world uses too much plastic, that it eventually ends up in the ocean, causing harm to the sea creatures living in it. Sometimes, it’s just left to really slowly disintegrate on land–approximately more than 450 years before plastic ...

"I Brought Reusable Containers and Bags To Buy Groceries"

This is how two bloggers did it and how you can do the same.
While there are dedicated stores that promote the zero-waste lifestyle, what happens when you try to do the same in your regular neighborhood grocery store?Zero Waste Filipina, is a 22-year-old teacher who chronicles her zero-waste journey and encourages her followers to do ...

Have You Visited a Zero-Waste Store Before?

We visited two stores in Metro Manila that peddle food items and green cleaning items to find out more about this movement.
Sustainable living isn’t a new concept. The idea of consuming products that are reusable so that there is no need to dispose of anything is something that more and more people are subscribing to. Here in the Philippines, some municipalities have already ...
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