Tip of the Week: How to Pick Out Fresh Fish

New to buying fish at the market? Don't forget these handy tips!
Pick the freshest fish from the bunch with these easy pointers: Its eyes are bulging and clear, not cloudy or red.The scales adhere tightly to the skin of the fish.If the fish has slime, it should be clear.The flesh springs back to ...

How to Make Roux

Learn this basic cooking hack to make your soups and stews thicker.
A roux (pronounced "rooh") is a mix of equal amounts of flour and butter or oil, often used as a thickening agent in soups and sauces. It is usually cooked as a base for these dishes before adding other ingredients.To make a simple ...

WATCH: How to Truss Meat for Roasting

Trussing ensures roast meats cook evenly. Learn how to truss like a pro with this simple guide.

Want to Learn How to Cook? Choose From These Culinary Schools in Manila

Learn how to cook, bake, and put up your own resto or business at these schools!
Learning how to cook can be as varied as an experience depending on one’s culinary goal. Whether the end goal is to learn to be a home cook, a pastry expert, or a professional chef, choosing a culinary school can be daunting ...

You Can Reheat Fish Without Drying It Out

We’re about to bust the fish-is-inedible-on-the-second-day myth!
Nothing beats freshly cooked, fork-tender fish. Storing it for leftovers or reheating it the day after, however, is another story. It goes without saying that when it comes to leftovers, fish is the most unappealing of the lot.But, all is not lost! ...

5 Food Techniques You Need To Learn This Year

Wow everyone this year!
This new year, make it a goal to do more than just cook in the kitchen. You may already know how to cook a few dishes so it's always a good thing to level up your cooking game. Try these other cooking ...
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