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Grills You Can Get Delivered If You Want to Have K-BBQ At Home

No need to go out to get the full experience!
Before quarantine in Metro Manila, Korean barbecue spots had become something of a pastime in the Manila—pretty much every KBBQ restaurant boasted a line snaking outside its doors on weekends. However, with quarantine now over three months long, you may be feeling ...

Here's Where You Can Find A Portable Grill For A Korean Barbecue Experience At Home

Are you looking for a portable grill, too?
If you frequent Korean barbecue restaurants, one of the kitchen appliances you are probably looking for right now is a barbecue grill. Since there are restaurants that deliver Korean barbecue cuts, a grill simply completes the K-bbq experience. Thankfully, there are some online stores ...

All The Memorable Korean Dishes In Popular K-Dramas

Here are all the dishes you craved while watching your fave shows.
Have you ever watched a Korean drama and found yourself craving whatever the characters were eating? It happens to the best of us, and it happens in almost all K-dramas! Curious about those dishes that made a cameo in popular TV series? ...

This New Korean Restaurant Combines Your Love For Bibimbap And Korean BBQ

You have to try their homemade kimchi and special gochujang.
We all have our go-to Korean barbecue joints, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room to explore new favorites. If you’re looking for good Korean food and are willing to splurge a little, you should head over to Sheraton’s latest food concept, ...

Learn To Eat K-BBQ like A Pro With This Important Tip!

Have you truly mastered the art of Korean barbecue?
By now, you’ve probably embraced Korean barbecue beyond a celebratory meal, eating it as often as you could. But have you mastered the art of Korean barbecue? Soban K-Town Grill can point you to the right direction.Soban, which means “small tray or ...
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