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SM Supermarket Has Some of the Best Frozen Food Finds

Prepping for a weeknight dinner? The frozen goods aisle can help you shave minutes off your cooking time.

Malagos Chocolate from Davao Wins Major International Awards

Malagos Chocolate bagged two awards from the internationally-acclaimed group, Academy of Chocolate.

6 Unique Kitchen Habits Only Filipinos Would Do

These will make you say, "That is so Pinoy!"

Bacon Bonanza: These Are the Kinds of Bacon We Found in The Grocery!

Here's a bunch of options you can enjoy way beyond breakfast!

The 11th Manila Food and Beverage Expo Starts Today!

Here's what to expect at the biggest food show in the country.

We Found a Sago't Gulaman DIY Kit in the Supermarket!

There are different flavors to choose from!

Restaurants Still Love the Salted Egg Trend

There are new salted egg dishes on the block!

Your Favorite Chocolate Cookie Sandwich Got Turned Into a Spread

Dominique Ansel, the baker behind the cronut craze, created an Oreo spread!
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