How to Keep Your Kitchen as Clean as Martha Stewart's

Tidy up and avoid clutter in your kitchen with these tips.

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You know how the old saying goes: new year, new kitchen! Take charge of your kitchen and keep it clean and organized this year. Here are tips from professional organizer Kat Ong on how to de-clutter and tidy up your cooking space.


1  Kitchen Tools


Place tongs, turners, and other cooking utensils within easy reach. Stash them upright in a caddy, grouped by kind (e.g. wooden spoons together).


Group pots, pans, and lids by kind and stack them on low shelves.


A wall-mounted magnetic strip is the most ideal way to store knives. Avoid haphazardly throwing your knives into drawers.



2  Refrigerator


Label shelves or drawers for specific things to lessen the need to hunt for ingredients and preventing the purchase of duplicates.


Remember to store raw meat in covered containers rather than plates to avoid and accidental drips that can contaminate other food.


Label your leftovers with masking tape and marker, and place them on the middle shelf where they can be seen immediately.




3  Pantry


Keep like items together: categorize into snacks, canned goods, Asian sauces, breakfast items, baking ingredients, and so on.


Use clips to seal opened packages, but only if you will consume these items right away. Otherwise, transfer to airtight containers to keep them fresh.


Measure your storage space before going container shopping to ensure everything you buy will actually fit.



Tips were originally published in the July 2016 issue of Yummy magazine. Minor edits have been made by editors. 

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