An Ex-Starbucks Barista Was Criticized After He Admits Serving Decaf Just Because He "Felt Like It"

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A former Starbucks barista caused a stir online after posting on TikTok that he would serve decaffeinated coffee to customers who were rude, Newsweek reports. TikTok user @dolltin was behind this since-deleted TikTok video that has caused mixed reactions online. 

@dolltin's video was a response to another barista's TikTok video in which she admitted serving rude customers a decaffeinated coffee when they would order caffeinated beverages. He says, "I worked at Starbucks for two years; I decaf-ed so many rude people. I would decaf people just if I felt like it."

@dolltin also said that he would serve decaffeinated drinks to customers who would pronounce "croissant" with a French accent. He explains, "If you are French, if you have a French accent... you come in and you order a croissant [with a French accent: "cwassant"], I'll give you one. I'm not gonna decaf you. But I worked in Florida."


This has caused ruckus online, mostly angry comments were thrown at @dolltin, such as a customer ordering caffeine for health reasons but getting a decaffeinated drink instead without their knowledge.

@dolltin has then followed the viral video explaining that he is a comedian. "So for anybody new here today, I do comedy. I make jokes. Not controversial jokes. So why is everybody mad about a joke about Starbucks?"

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