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Yes, M Bakery's Salted Caramel Banana Pudding Is Finally Back!

Caramel fans, you need to try this.
M Bakery’s banana pudding is one of their most popular items on the menu. They also come out with a #BananaPuddingOfTheMonth, just to kep things interesting. To start off the new year, M Bakery is bringing back its Salted Caramel Banana Pudding.M Bakery’s ...

You Can Now Have This Creamy Avocado Pudding Delivered To Your Doorstep!

We want to hoard all the flavors!
We all agree that there’s nothing good comfort food can’t fix. Bananarama was part of our favorite desserts list in 2016 and they are known for their signature banana pudding (in classic and caramel flavors). In case you didn't know, they now also ...

This New Choc Nut Banana Pudding Will Be Available For Five Days Only!

Set your alarm and mark your calendars!
Besides cupcakes with an iconic swirl on top, M Bakery is known for its classic banana pudding. M Bakery reinvents this pudding by adding local flavors from its various locations around the world. There’s the Boston Cream Banana Pudding available in Boston, Massachusetts, the Lotus Biscoff ...

WATCH: Fall In Love With This No-Bake Banana Dessert

Banana pudding + creamy banana mousse.
If you love creamy desserts, this treat is for you. This easy and creamy banana pudding is the perfect dessert for those who love the sago't gulaman flavor in a creamy and luscious form. We used real mashed bananas in the pudding base but amped ...

You Have To Try This New Banana Pudding From M Bakery!

Can you guess what flavor it is?
If you’re already head over heels in love with M Bakery’s banana pudding, you will fall even harder once you get to taste of their special take on this signature dessert. M Bakery just released the Lotus Biscoff Banana Pudding–a nod to ...

M Bakery Has a New Chocolate-Banana Pudding You'll Line Up for

Just when you thought nothing could beat the Banana Pudding!
Ever since they opened last August 22,M Bakery has not stopped making waves. Many flocked to get a taste of their cupcakes with the signature buttercream frosting and their famous Banana Pudding. With a delighftul mix of banana chunks, vanilla pudding, and wafers, ...

WATCH: How to Make Banana Pudding

This banana dessert is topped with a crisp meringue layer!
This bananas-and-cream dessert is bound to be a hit with family and friends. Chill before serving, it's best served cold.Banana Pudding1/4 cup flourdash of salt1 1/4 cups milk3/4 cup condensed milkegg yolk from 1 large egg1 teaspoon vanilla3-4 bananas, slicedbroas (ladyfingers), as ...
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