You Can Work for the Chef Who Invented the Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

The Jean-Georges Academy is hiring interns to work in New York City!


Jean-Georges Vongerichten is a renowned French chef known for his inventive approach in modern French cuisine and excellent restaurant management—not to mention his dessert creation that took the world by storm when he introduced it in the 1980's, the molten chocolate lava cake


These sumptuous cakes can be made in a turbo broiler!


In partnership with Enderun Colleges and Placement International, Jean-Georges is looking to provide more opportunities to aspiring chefs and restaurateurs by hiring interns this 2017. The program offers a chance to work with the teams that run Jean-Georges' kitchens, a multicultural environment for students to interact with chefs and managers, and a Jean-Georges approach to stellar training and learning in the kitchen. 



Interviews and applications are on-going. One must be a graduate of a certified culinary program from any cooking school or course to apply for the 12-month paid internship in the United States. Interns will get a chance to work in Jean-Georges' string of restaurants, including ABC Cocina, ABC Kitchen, and ABC V, among others. For more information, contact Janel Simangan at 0917 540 7254 or email [email protected]


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