5 Things You Need to Know About The Halal Guys

The wait for New York City's most famous food cart is finally over.



After months of anticipation, The Halal Guys, one of New York City’s most popular street food carts, will finally open on October 13. We went and took a sneak peek and here’s what you should know about The Halal Guys:

1. This will be their first international outpost. Ever.

While The Halal Guys already has a handful of branches in the US outside of New York, this will be their first ever international location. Isn’t that neat?


2. It’s all about mixing and matching.

The menu at The Halal Guys is considerably short, but what it lacks for in length it makes up for in customizability. Customers can choose to mix and match the fillings of their platters and sandwiches, making for a wholly personal eating experience.


3. Their hot sauce is capital H hot.

The stall is known for its legendary white sauce and hot sauce. Both are delicious, but they don’t kid when they tell you that their hot sauce is extremely spicy. Proceed with caution.


4. Their food is genuinely Halal.

The Halal Guys Philippines is the first ever restaurant to be given a Halal Certificate by the Halal Development Institute of The Philippines, making their food certifiably Halal.



5. Their servings are huge.

They offer diners three platter sizes: small, regular and New York. The small platters and sandwiches are big enough to feed one hungry person, while the generous New York platter can actually be shared between two or three people.

The Halal Guys is set to officially open in the SM Mega Food Hall in SM Megamall on October 13.


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