LIST: New Avocado Desserts To Celebrate The Avocado Season


Green, earthy, and buttery-rich, avocados are one hell of a fruit. Yup, it's a fruit,one amazing multitasker at that, working its magic beautifully in both savory and sweetĀ applications. Filipinos are especially familiar with its sweet side given our love for the classic home-style meal-ender that is avocados with milk and sugar, but, especially as it's avocado season, it's well worth exploring other ways the so-called "butter fruit" can be used as a dessert. These four recently introduced confections demonstrate just what we mean.

Make the most of the fruit's season with these recently introduced avocado desserts:

Avocado Pudding from Old Boy Bakery

Avocado Pudding from Old Boy Bakery
PHOTO BY Instagram/bakedbytheoldboy

You've had banana pudding, but what happens when you switch out the bananas for earthy, buttery ol' avocados? An even creamier, dreamier treat with the butter fruit's signature earthy tinge. For the month of August, Old Boy Bakery isĀ making their special Avocado Pudding (P220/eight-ounce tub) with layers of avocados whipped with cream cheese and lime, more diced avocados tossed in condensed milk, toasted graham crackers, and vanilla whipped cream. As rich as everything comes together, the brightness of the cream cheese and lime illuminate the avocado's depth beautifully (as with guacamole!). The Bataan-based purveyor delivers to Metro Manila on Tuesdays.

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For orders, fill out Old Boy Bakery's order form. You can also check out their Instagram page.

Avocado Pie from Wildflour

Avocado Pie from Wildflour
PHOTO BY Wildflour

Avocado, as you know, has a natural creaminess that's great in rich applications, and paired with crunchier elements like a pie crust, you get textural complexity that makes for an even more pleasure-inducing dessert in our book. Let Wildflour's Avocado Pie (P1,650/whole) teach you the way; in it is a lush avocado mousse and whipped white chocolate ganache atop a buttery graham crust.

For orders, visit Wildflour To-Go. You can also check out Wildflour Restaurant's Facebook page.

All Sorts of Avocado Ice Cream from Sebastian's

Avocado Ice Creams from Sebastian's
PHOTO BY Sebastian's Ice Cream

Sebastian's is shining the spotlight on the fruit with not just one or two, but a whopping seven avocado-themed frozen treats that ice cream fans ought not to miss. We're talking creamy scoops (P420/pint) like the less-is-more Avocado Dream, creamy-tangy Avocado Strawberry, and Avocado Machiatto (where the fruit is given the robust treatment with flavors of coffee, chocolate, and toasted almonds); an Avocado Chocolate Chip (P140) ice-cream sandwich; Avocado Butter Cake Ice Cream Cake (P155/slice, P1,650/whole); Avocado Almond Poppits (P260/pack of 14); and the surprisingly harmonious Avocado Peanut Butter Dive Bar (P135).

For orders, visit Sebastian's Ice Cream's website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Avocados 'n Cream Cake from Chef Kerri's Baking Room

Avocados 'n Cream Cake from Chef Kerri's Baking Room
PHOTO BY Instagram/chefkerrisbakingroom

Avocado gets the fruit-shortcake treatment in Chef Kerri's Baking Room's towering Avocados 'n Cream Cake (P2,800). It wows in size and impact, being 10 by six inches in diameter and height respectively and coming dotted with fresh avocado pieces and gold flakes. And as you slice inside you're greeted by the winning light-yet-lush combo of vanilla chiffon cake and a smooth avocado-tinged frosting with a soothing pale-green hue.

For orders, send a message to Chef Kerri's Baking Room on Facebook or Instagram.

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