WATCH: This Is The Classic Spaghetti Sauce You Should Be Making

This classic spaghetti sauce is the most decadent pasta sauce.

If you love pasta, you should know that the Spaghetti ala Bolognese is the ultimate meaty pasta. The spaghetti is tossed in one of the meatiest pasta sauces you can make! 

What makes the classic Bolognese sauce a decadent pasta sauce? The Bolognese is not a simple sauce to make. Since it requires time to make it taste the way it does, the mix of ground meat, herbs, tomatoes, wine, and chicken stock can meld and become more flavorful than their individual flavors. This recipe requires commitment but the results are well worth it when you finally taste it.

This classic Bolognese sauce is a super flavorful, meaty, and exquisitely made pasta sauce.
Photo by Bianca Laxamana

Since the Bolognese needs to simmer for at least two hours, this classic spaghetti sauce recipe can be made and then left to simmer. In theory, it’s a simple pasta sauce. You just put everything together then let it cook. It’s the simmering that makes it a more difficult recipe because you will need to stir occasionally to not only prevent the bottom from scorching but to also ensure the mixture is well mixed. You may need to add more liquid to prevent it from drying out. 


This is a classic recipe, but even we acknowledge that not everyone will have guanciale or a bottle of red wine at home. So we used bacon instead and took the wine out of the recipe video but you can certainly add it in if you have it and want it. You can render the fat of the guanciale as the recipe directs you to do with the bacon. Pour in the wine as stated, too, and let it reduce so the alcohol can burn off, and you’re left with the fruity flavor of the red wine. Do all this before adding the tomatoes and before simmering. 

If you want to amp up the umami flavors of this already appetizing pasta sauce, you can add a dash or two of liquid seasoning for even more of a savory taste. 

Once you make this pasta sauce, you may never want another meaty sauce again. It’s an easy recipe that results in one of the most flavorful pasta sauces you’ll ever make. Here’s the recipe: 

You can even make other Bolognese sauces that are just as delicious! Try these if you’re in the mood for a different kind of bolognese sauce: 


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