WATCH: It's Easy to Make Milk Tea at Home

It's extremely easy to recreate your favorite milk tea at home!


The milk tea craze found many, both young and old, lining up at milk tea places just to drink the then-cool and hip drink. While the fad may have diminished from the initial frenzy when it was first introduced to the market several years ago, it has stood the test of time and the fad has transformed into to a normal, everyday drink anyone would drink when one is craving a creamy yet light cold drink. 


The milk tea craze was unique, a phenomenon in a country which loves its coffee. It's a wonder that over the years, it has maintained a strong market and is still a much-beloved drink. The unusual black balls, quite different from the sago we all know and are more familiar with, might have been the driving force behind its popularity. These tapioca balls were sweetened, too, but had a texture that was unlike that of the sago. It was just chewy enough without being too much so that it was hard to eat. 


To make your own milk tea at home, use your favorite tea, add as much or as little milk and sweeteners, and add as many pearls, nata de coco, or jelly as you desire. You can find uncooked tapioca balls at select supermarkets which carry milk tea ingredients as well as baking supply stores. 


English Breakfast Milk Tea


Takes 20 minutes
Makes 3 servings


1/2 cup black tapioca pearls, cooked according to package directions
1 English breakfast tea bag
2 cups hot water
2 1/2 tablespoons milk  
1 tablespoon honey
Ice cubes, as needed 



Steep 1 English Breakfast tea bag in boiling-hot water for 5 minutes; remove tea bag.



 Pour and stir in cold milk and honey. Divide between three tall glasses and set aside.



Spoon 1/2 cup black tapioca pearls, cooked according to package directions, to glasses.



Serve cold with ice cubes.



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A delicious twist to this Italian classic: replace coffee with earl grey tea.

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It's tasty, it's light, it's an easy-to-make dessert.

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